Since 1988 Bill Roth and his company, Bill Roth Plastering, Inc. has been well known for providing the best plaster stucco and drywall work not only in New Mexico, but nationwide. What is less known, is that his company has also been building award winning small homes all along. 2015 brought a new focus on that part of his business, and a new name. Still providing the same array of plaster stucco and drywall services, we now offer award winning design and build services for both new homes and renovations, with a focus on small to moderate sized homes.


Beginning with our collaborative  design process, we make sure all our homes follow the highest standards of thermal envelope design, therefore minimizing thermal envelope “breaks” that cause heat loss. We favor “lower tech” but proven ventilation, air exchange and exhaust systems, such as whole house fans, and passive air inlets. We introduced recently in one of our projects, the first “purple pipe” rainwater collection systems in Santa Fe. Clean, modern architecture coupled with cost effective high performance  building practices means your new home is affordable, highly energy and water efficient, long lasting and durable.