These links feature some of the suppliers and clients featured in our Photo Gallery  - custom builders, featured in “photos” page. Interior shower plaster and custom 3 color exterior stucco application Variance Interior and Exterior finishes Architect of Telluride and Aspen  homes with traditional stabilized mud plaster interior walls and tinted veneer plaster. Custom Santa Fe Builders. Photos of multicolored  Variance Home application is their project. Photos were taken by the homeowner, Michael Mudd. Custom Builder. Home featured utilized traditional lime and gauging plaster with extensive use of custom integral color. supplier of traditional lime plaster products. featured home utilizes American Clay on the interior, and a smooth trowel mesh re-enforced exterior traditional stucco exterior. El Rey stucco products. we feature their traditional cementatious materials, and use their “crackmaster” fiber mesh reenforced basecoat system.